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Trekking Huayhuash & Climbing Diablo Mudo

  • Duration: 12 days
  • Diablo Mudo: 5350 msnm
  • Route: Huayhuash classic circuit + Climbing
  • Dificult: Moderate
  • Season:All year
Cordillera Huayhuash is a mountain range within the Andes in Peru, stretching from north to south. The main part consists of about 20 peaks in only 25 km of length, including the second highest Peruvian peak Yerupaja (6617 m; after Huascaran 6768 m) and Siula Grande (6344 m), which is famous due to Joe Simpson’s book Touching the Void in which he recounts his successful but disastrous and nearly fatal climb to this mountain.

The Huayhuash trekking is known as one of the most beautiful treks in the world. Due to high altitude passes, it is not an easy trek, but the spectacular views over the surrounding mountains, turquoise blue lakes and impressive landscapes totally pay off the effort.
  • Lima – Huaraz ( A Bus transfer, Travel duration around 8 hours or 50 minutes Flight from Lima
  • Huaraz - Acclimatization Wilcacocha lake
    It is located a short walk outside the town of Huaraz. We visit the Cordillera Negra, from where one has a magnificent view of the Cordillera Blanca. On a beautiful lagoon we will be able to see wild ducks.
    We started at 9 am until Santa Cruz(Village) bridge. Then we will start our trek towards the wilcacocha lagoon. 2 hrs approx.

    Detail program


    • Day 01: Huaraz 3100 m – Matacancha/Quarterhuain 4180 m
      Starting from Huaraz, we drive through Huaylas alley to Conococha, which offers impressive panoramic views over Huayhuash mountain range. We observe many snow peaked mountains, such as Yerupaja, Jirishanca, Rondóy and others. We then drive through villages Llamac and Pocpa. Finally, we set up our camp at Matacancha. 5 hours of driving aprox.
    • Day 02: Matacancha 4180 m – Lake Mitucocha 4200 m
      We start our trek with a zig-zag track that leads up to Cacananpunta pass at 4750 m. We descend through a large picturesque valley that opens to a beautiful lake Mitucocha (4200 m), where we set our camp right at the lake banks. We then do a lateral trek on the moraine. 5 hours aprox.
    • Day 03: Lake Mitucocha 4200 m – Lake Carhuacocha 4100 m
      We start the third day walking through Mitucocha valley, ascending up to Carhuac pass (4650 m) which offers an excellent panoramic view of Siula and Yerupaja mountains. We descend down to a beautiful lake Carhuacocha to set up our camp on an idilic spot with a splendorous view over Siula mountain, complemented with Yerupaja and Jirishancas mountains. 5 hours aprox.
    • Day 04: Lake Carhuacocha 4100 m – Huayhuash 4350 m
      This is a long day of walking, starting at the beginning of Queropalca valley. We ascend up to Siula pass (4800 m) with excellent views over the surrounding mountains. Yerupaja (6634 m) is the second highest peak in Peru and Siula (6356 m) is an impressive mountain that was made famous by Joe Simpson’s book Touching the Void in which he recounts his successful but disastrous and nearly fatal climb to this mountain. We also get excellent views over Carnicero and Trapecio. We descend to Huayhuash to set our camp. 7-8 hours aprox.
    • Day 05: Huayhuash 4350 m - Viconga 4500 m
      This day we reach the most southern point of Huayhuash mountain range, ascending to Huayhuash pass at 4700 m. We get excellent views over Cordillera Raura mountain range at one side and southeastern face of Trapecio at the other. We descend south and walk along lake Viconga until we reach thermal baths. This is a great opportunity to rest and take a relaxing hot bath. 4-5 hours aprox.
    • Day 06: Viconga 4500 m – Huanacpatay 4200 m
      Our goal for the sixth day is to pass Cuyoc pass at 5000 m, which is the highest point of Huayhuash trekking. It is also where we get really impressive panoramic views of Cordillera Huayhuash mountains. Passing Cuyoc, we descend to Huanacpatay valley. Crossing large Andean meadows, we reach our camp. 7 hours aprox.
    • Day 07: Huanacpatay 4200 m – Huatiac 4300 m
      We continue our trekking descending through Huanacpatay valley until it unites with Cutatambo valley and we reach Huayllapa village at 3500 m. After a short rest, we start to ascend through Tapush valley to out camp Huatiac at 4300 m. 7 hours aprox.
    • Day 08: Huatiac 4300 m – Gashpapampa 4400 m
      We continue walking up to Tapush pass (4800 m) and then descend to lake Susococha. We reach our camp at Gashpapampa (4400 m), set in a nice setting with impressive views over Suerococha (Diablo mudo or Mute devil). 5 hours aprox.
    • Day 09: Gashpampa - climbing Diablo mudo (Mute Devil mountain) 5350 m - Jahuacocha 4150 m
      We start our hike to the peak of Mute Devil mountain at 3:00 am. We are rewarded with magnificent views over Yerupaja, Rasac, Jirishanca and other surrounding mountains. We descend through Huacrish valley until we come close to lake Jahuacocha where we set our camp. We spend two nights in this beautiful setting of Andean meadows, close to Jahuacocha lake. 7 hours aprox.
    • Day 10: Rest (hike to lake Solterococha)
      This is a rest day. We take our time in the morning to relax, then we do a short walk to lake Soltercocha. We prepare a delicious lunch called pachamanca, which is a typical Peruvian dish, prepared in a natural way.
    • Day 11: Lake Jahuacocha 4050m – Hauraz 3100m
      The last day we descend through Jahuacocha valley and then walk up to reach Pampa Llamac at 4250 m. Crossing the pass, we descend to Llamac village where we take a bus to Huaraz. 6 hours.

    What's Included

    • Tour of Aclimatizzation
    • Peruvian Local Guide
    • Specialised cook
    • First-Aid kit
    • Private transportation Huaraz / according to the program / Huaraz
    • Complete meals during the trekking program
    • Entrance fee to the Comunity (Huayhuash)
    • Donkey Driver
    • Donkeys
    • Cooking equipment
    • Collective technical equipment
    • Toilette tent / for 2 Person

    Not include:
    • Transfer airport/hotel/airport – Lima
    • Nights Hotel in Lima / Double room with breakfast included
    • Transfer/bus station/Hotel – Lima
    • Bus ticket Huaraz / Lima, executive service in public bus-Movil Tours or Cruz del Sur
    • Transfer hotel / busstation – Huaraz in Hotel
    • Hotel in Huaraz, according to the program (3 nights). Double room with breakfast included
    • Horse (in case of emergency, for trekking)
    • Tour of the city
    • Travel accident and health insurance
    • Food and drink in Lima and Huaraz
    • Porter
    • Personal equipment (tent, sleeping bag, backpack, harness, hiking pants, mountain jacket (goretex), hiking shoes, matraz, suitable clothing, personal medicine, crampons, ice axe, sunglasses, etc.)

    Prices & Dates

    Tour Information:

    Season:Abril - December
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Dates & Prices:
    Off-Price: 000,00 - 000,00 USD from 4 pax, per person
    From / To
    00.00 - 00.04.2018 On this trip, places are still available.
    00.00 - 00.05.2018 On this trip, places are still available.
    Flexible Dates! On this trip, places are still available.
    1 pax: 000,00 per person
    2 pax: 000,00 per person
    4 pax: 000,00 per person
    6 pax: 000,00 per person
    8 pax: 000,00 per person
    10 pax: 000,00 per person
    12/15 pax: 000,00 per person
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