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Expedition Aconcagua 12Days / 11Nights

  • Duration: 10Days / 9Nights(mountain) + additional 2Days / 1Night in case of bad weather
  • Dificult: Moderate
  • Aconcagua 6960,8 msnm
  • Route: Route Normal
  • Season:December - Marzo
Description The first complete ascent was made on 14th January 1897 by Matthias Zürbriggen who was a member of a European expedition led by an English mountaineer Edward Fitz Gerald, accompanied by scientists, guides and other mountaineers. It took them 7 months to find suitable passes to reach the top.
This magnificent South American mountain is not a volcano, as was made clear by extensive studies of dr. Walter Schiller. He published his research between years 1907 and 1912, proving that the basin (lower third) of the mountain consists of sedimentary rock. The rocks found on Aconcagua’s flanks (upper two thirds) are volcanic but have been brought there by various powerful tectonic events.
Aconcagua is therefore not a result of volcanic activity, but rather of tectonic activity in the Andes mountain range. However, volcanism has been present in this region for as long as this basin was around and volcanic deposits interfinger with sedimentary rock throughout the sequence.

Detail Program

  • Day 01: Mendoza – Penitentes – Concluencia (2950 m to 3390 m)
    Early breakfast, then driving to Penitentes to prepare and divide all the equipment for the base camp “Plaza de Mulas”, equipment for Confluencia camp and a small backpack to walk with to Confluencia camp. First day’s road is easy, we pass Horcones river in Durazno valley and continuing on the left side of the river on an easy slope, we arrive to Confluencia camp.

    Arrival. Setting the camp. Dinner. Overnight sleep.
    Estimated time: 4 hours, 440 m altitude gain

  • Day 02:Concluencia – Plaza de Mulas (3390 m to 4300 m)
    Breakfast. We start in the direction of base camp “Plaza de Mulas” very early, because we are passing a long and very important stretch of the road today. From Confluencia camp, we follow Horcones river and reach “Playa Ancha”, a 10 km long plain with an altitude between 3600 and 3800 m.
    We continue with beautiful views over Pirámide peak, a southeastern peak of Aconcagua. In 1985, they found an Incan mummy on these slopes, at 5300 m of altitude.
    We reach Piedra Ibañez and continue on the left side of Horcones Superior river. We arrive to an abandoned and destroyed refugee at 4070 m, known as “Colombia”. We continue in direction of “Cuesta Brava”, where we step into the mountain world above 4000 m.
    Passing moraines, we first reach refugee of the park guards and finally arrive to our base camp, known as Plaza de Mulas (mules park). This is one of the most famous and spectacular temporary camps on the world. Mountaineers, mountain guides and auxiliary groups come here with dreams of climbing the mountain or simply to work in this wonderful cold paramo, far away from the world.

    Arrival. Setting the camp. Dinner. Overnight sleep.
    Estimated time: 7 to 10 hours, 910 m altitude gain

  • Day 03: Plaza de Mulas – Rest
    Breakfast. Morning is free. Lunch. In the afternoon, we check all personal equipment, as well as food supplies and gas to use in higher camps. Dinner. Overnight sleep.

  • Day 04: Plaza de Mulas – Plaza Canada or Camp I (4300 m to 5050 m)
    Breakfast. Following a slightly steep track, we walk in the direction of a place known as “El Semaforo” at 4550 m. We then reach “Las piedras Conway” (Conway rocks) at 4750 m, which are named after Sir Conway, a scientist, art professor and mountaineer that in 1898 climbed “El Filo del Guanaco”, a point that connects the two peaks of Aconcagua. We continue up to “Plaza Canada” pass at 5050 m.
    Arrival. Setting the camp. Dinner. Overnight sleep. Estimated time: 3 to 4 hours, 750 m altitude gain

  • Day 05: Plaza Canada or Camp I – Nido de Condores or Camp II (5050 m to 5550 m)
    Breakfast. We walk diagonally in direction of a prominent rock, known as “Piedra de los 5000 m”, then follow a zig-zag road up to “Cambio de Pendiente” at 5300 m, where it is possible to set up an additional camp. We continue with our ascent in direction of “Gran Acarreo” and reach “Nido de Condores” (condores’ nest) camp. It is a natural viewpoint, where we can observe “Los Patos” and “Barreal” valley on the east and magnificent Cordon de la Ramada with an impressive peak of mountain Mercedario (6770 m).
    At the back of Cuerno mountain, we can see Volcan valley, at the east we see Catedral mountain and Valle de Chile (Chile valley) and we also get beautiful views over mountains to the south and north of Aconcagua.
    Arrival. Setting the camp. Dinner. Overnight sleep.
    Estimated time: 4 to 5 hours, 500 m altitude gain

  • Day 06: Nido de Condores or Camp II (from 5 050 m to 5 550 m) – Rest
    Breakfast. Morning is free. Lunch. In the afternoon, we check all personal equipment, as well as food supplies and gas to use in higher camps. Dinner. Overnight sleep.

  • Day 07: Nido de Condores or Camp II (5550 m) – Plaza Colera or Camp III (5970 m)
    Breakfast. Today’s road stretch is shorter, but we have to take altitude into account. Due to altitude, we breathe harder and our walking rhythm becomes slower.
    The road goes up in direction of east in a traverse, leading to zig-zag tracks that connect various rocky parts. The views become truly spectacular, with mountains filling the whole horizon. We first arrive to “Balcon Amarillo” (Yellow Balcony) at 5800 m, then we continue on a less steep road to reach Berlin refugee (5930 m). This consists of three small refugees built in the 50s’, which are now in a very bad state, due to time and open air condition. After a rest, we take another road with yellow colors, passing a rocky pass and arriving to “Plaza Colera” at 5970 m.
    Arrival. Setting the camp. Dinner. Overnight sleep.
    Estimated time: 4 to 5 hours, 420 m altitude gain

  • Day 08: Plaza Colera or Camp III ( 5970 m ) – Summit - Plaza Colera or Camp III ( 5970 m )
    Very early breakfast. The ascent is technically not difficult, but it requires great physical and mental strength. We can now really feel the altitude. We walk up to a place called “Piedras Blancas” (White Stones) at 6060 m and continue until “Campo Independencia” (Independency Camp) at 6380 m. We make further plans, depending on the weather, physical state of the group, water and food supplies and time. We ascent to “Portazuelo del Viento” (The Wind Passage), where it immediately feels much colder due to strong winds passing through the passages.
    We continue with a traverse, almost always on snow or ice, to reach the “Canaleta” base, where we find a conglomerate stone wall with a base named “La Cueva” (The Cave) at 6650 m.
    After a rest, we walk in direction of “Filo del Guanaco”, which has the altitude of 6800 m. We can feel a strong lack of oxygen here, making very short and slow passes. We try to force our breathing a bit and control dehydration, which is caused by strong hyperventilation, dry air and lack of water sources in this ascent.
    We test our physical training, acclimatization level and mental force to connect all these things and reach the top.
    Finally, after walking through a rocky stretch with snow and ice, we climb the last rocky stairs and arrive to the TOP OF THE AMERICA.
    Descent to Colera camp.
    Arrival at the camp. Dinner. Overnight sleep.


  • Day 11: Plaza Colera or Camp III ( 5970 m ) - Plaza de Mulas ( 4300 m)
    Breakfast. We descend to “Plaza de Mulas”, passing “Nido de Condores” but skipping “Plaza Canada” camp. We reach the camp before noon. In the afternoon, we separate the equipment for big luggage and prepare small backpacks for walking.
    Dinner. Overnight sleep.

  • Day 12: Plaza de Mulas ( 4300 m) – Penitentes - Mendoza
    Breakfast. A small ceremony of gratefulness to thank and say goodbye to “Plaza de Mulas”. We hand our equipment over for the mules to carry it to Penitentes. We descend with small backpacks (35 L) in direction of “Confluencia” camp. We have a box lunch, then we descend to refugee of the guard parks Horcones, where our transport awaits. We drive to Penitentes, recollect our equipment and take a private transport to a beautiful Mendoza. Arrival in the late afternoon.
    Arrival at the hotel. Dinner.

What's Included

  • Personal - Official mountain guide UIAGM (Internacional Federation of Mountain Guides Associations)
    - Porters of the expedition (only tents, pots and food)
    - Assistence with obtaining the entry permit for National park Aconcagua (Parque Provincial Aconcagua)
  • Transport - Private transport Mendoza – Penitentes – Mendoza
    - Private transport Penitentes – Horcones - Penitentes
  • All meals during the expedition - One dinner at Ayelen restaurant in Penitentes
    - Meals on expedition, in base camp and in higher camps
    - Welcome dinner in Mendoza one day before the expedition
  • Mules - Mules for the equipment (30 kg/person) Puente del Inca – Plaza de Mulas – Puente del Inca.
  • Accommodation - Two nights at a 3-star hotel*** with breakfast included
  • Equipment for camping and mountaineering - Dining room tent and kitchen tent, including chairs, tables and kitchen equipment
    - Personal tents (each for 2 persons) and toilets
    - Tent for equipment
  • Safety equipment - First aid kit
    - Oxygen
    - Complete short-waves radio equipment to maintain continuous connection between base camp and higher camps, Penitentes and Mendoza
    - Helicopter rescue, if needed

Not include:
  • Permits
    - Entry permit for National park Aconcagua (Parque Provincial Aconcagua)
  • Personal equipment
    -Personal equipment, such as sleeping bag, clothing, mountain boots, boot protection, sunglasses, hiking sticks, frontal light, large backpack, small backpack, crampons, etc.
  • Personal costs
    - Phone calls, laundry, showers, tips, etc.
  • Personal porter
    - Carrying personal equipment to higher camps, maximum 20 kg per porter
  • Any other service that is not specified in “OUR SERVICES INCLUDE”
    - Meals that are not included in the program
    - Extra nights in a hotel, due to voluntarily leaving the expedition and returning to Mendoza early
    - Costs of rescuing and other costs that arise due to leaving the expedition before the end
    - Private transport in Mendoza (airport, bus terminals and other)
    - Dishware (plate, cup and covers)

Prices & Dates

Tour Information:

Season:December - February
Difficulty: Moderate
Dates & Prices:
Off-Price: 000,00 - 000,00 USD from 4 pax, per person
From / To
00.00 - 00.00.2018 On this trip, places are still available.
Flexible Dates! On this trip, places are still available.
2 pax: ? per person
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