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Terms and Condition

Andean Peaks S.A.C. Our Enterprise is base on the development of tourism in the Region Huaraz. We offer good quality services, with great responsability and kindness to our clients and dedicated to providing you with a holiday experience that you will enjoy to the utmost, and remember for life. Before you book a trip with us, please go through our Booking Terms and Conditions which are stated below.
1. The Contract
If you are interested in making a booking with us, you must have read and understood all the clauses that are given on this page. If you sign off a trip deal with us or any of our agents, you are automatically accepting the booking conditions on your behalf as well as of on the behalf of the people who are included in the booking no matter whether they are minors or have disabilities. Your booking will be accepted and will become valid only when we send you a confirmation email or an invoice.
Only when we do this will a contact come into existence between Andean Peaks and you, and will be enforced from the date stated in the email or on the invoice.
Andean Peaks of any our agents have the right to reject any booking if they deem it appropriate.
From hereafter, the person or the persons whose name have been mentioned on the booking are called the ‘client’. The terms and conditions that have been stated below will formulate a binding agreement between the Client and Andean Peaks. The provided services to the Client are those tours, trekking, Climbing and expeditions that have also been stated in the booking.
2. Medical Conditions and other Special Requirements
The Client has to submit a written statement at the time of booking if there is a medical condition that must be mentioned such as disability and pregnancy. Any other physical or mental condition that can affect the fitness level of the Client should also be provided to Andean Peaks in writing. Not complying by this can result in a rejection and the Client will not be permitted to travel. In case the trip has to be canceled all together, the cancellation fees will be applicable.
Please note that some tours might not be appropriate for the Client because of a specific disability, mobility, pregnancy or any other condition. If the Client is suffering from any condition that he believes might cause a hindrance on the tour, he must inform Andean Peaks about it before he makes a booking.
3. Trip Costs
Andean Peaks is authorized to increase the price of any package whenever it deems appropriate without informing or notifying the clients. The new rates are evaluated by considering various factors such as currency fluctuations, governmental actions, food costs, transportation charges, fuel costs, airport fees, ticket fares or any other cost that is beyond the control of Andean Peaks. All the prices mentioned are stated in the United States Dollars or USD.
If there is an increase in price on any of the operational costs, Andean Peaks can disregard it provided it is less than 4% of the total rate of the package. If it is otherwise, the client will have to pay the full difference amount between the original and new price.
4. Deposits
The booking of the client with Andean Peaks will only be confirmed when he deposits 50% of the total price of the tour per person and per trip. If the booking is made late, and there are less than 30 days left for the departure, the full tour amount will have to be paid for order confirmation.
Please note that payments regarding air fare charges and other flight costs have to be made in the full amount and that too in advance so as to guarantee seats on the flight.
5. Booking Acceptance
If your booking is accepted by Andean Peaks, you will receive confirmation by email and invoice. As already mentioned, a contract will be formulated between you and the company from the confirmation issuance date and will last until the tour ends. If we receive your booking late and there are only seven days or less left for the tour departure date, the contract will start from the date on which you accept your payment.
The details of your final payments are mentioned on your confirmation invoice. For early bookings, the full balance of the trip must be paid when there are still 30 days left for the departure date. Failing to do so might result in cancellation of your booking. For late bookings in which there is not much time left for the tour date, the full amount has to be paid for booking confirmation.
6. Payment Methods
Wire Transfer
Wire transfer allows you to move funds from your bank account into our account. In addition to the tour price, you will also have to pay an extra $50 USD as transfer charges and administration fee, which is attached to our account. When we confirm your trip, we provide you with complete details about our bank account.
The time period in which we receive a transfer sent by you is around 1 to 3 working days depending on the location from which you would be sending us the money.
Western Union
If you live abroad and want to avoid bank charges and other taxes that are associated with wire transfers and credit cards, you can make your payment using the Western Union. This is an international transfer service with offices located in several regions across the globe. So whether you are in the USA, UK, Canada, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway or Australia, you can easily send us your money.
Visit the Western union website at, and read the instructions given. Any amount sent is transferred almost instantaneously. If we confirm your trip, we will send you the required details which you will need for making a payment.
7. Client Details
Andean Peaks can provide confirmation of the Client’s travel arrangements for the tour and guarantee for the same only when the Client provides all their details at the time of making their final payment. If the Client fails in providing his details, and less than 60 days are left for the departure date, the client will be charged an additional administrative fee. If even then the Client does not make his payment and only 30 days are left for the tour, then Andean Peaks has reserved rights to cancel his booking altogether. In this case, full cancellation fee is applicable.
For every trip and package, Andean Peaks requires varying details, the complete information of which will be given at the time of booking. Generally, basic information such as the client’s full name, passport number, passport validity date, birth date, birth place and nationality are always required. At times, specific documentations may also have to be provided with the details.
Please note that unless the all the required details of the client are provided, any booking can be treated as unconfirmed.
8. Tour Cancellation from the Client’s End (Not Applicable for Inca Trail Tours)
If a client wants to cancel his booked tour, he will have to provide a request in writing. Andean Peaks will then provide acknowledgement of the same in writing. Cancellation fees apply in all cases, the exact amount of which depends on the date on which the cancellation request is made.
If you choose to cancel the trip after you have made a booking, you will be refunded 80% of the deposit amount.
If you cancel 45 days or more before the departure date, you will be refunded 50% of the deposit.
If you cancel when less than between 30 days and 44 are left for the trip, you will not be refunded any deposit amount.
If you cancel when between 20 and 30 days are remaining for the tour departure date, you will be refunded 25% of the trip cost.
If you cancel when there are just 20 days or less left for the tour to begin, 100% of the tour cost will be retained and you will not refunded any amount.
Special Notes
All payments and deposit amounts which are made for tours related to Inca Trail are not refunded because of the limits exercised by the Inca Trail policy and airlines regulations.
If the trip has to be postponed for any reason, an administrative fee, which is 20% of the tour cost, has to be paid in addition to the costs that are incurred because of subcontracted services. Any remaining amount can be used when the client makes a future tour with the company.
You will not be provided with any refund if you voluntarily abandon the tour when it has already been started. If you have to leave involuntarily, then the decision to provide a refund will lie totally on Andean Peaks. In the case that you fail in utilizing offered services like transport, accommodation, meals and sightseeing, you will not be provided with any refunds.
You should avail a travel insurance policy that can provide you with coverage if you have to face cancellation charges.
09. Visas, Passport and Vaccinations
As a client, it is completely your responsibility to have a valid passport, visa permit and other necessary medicines on you during the tour. We do provide you with information on these items and matters, but we have no liability towards them.
10. Financial Security
Andean Peaks has been accredited by the Tourism Ministry in Peru, and has been licensed by the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism under Andean Peaks SAC. As such it has to comply with all the policies and laws that have been enforced for travel agencies. Our company has been registered with the number 20602068324.
We completely rely on these operators and have used them throughout our eight years of experience.
11. Privacy Policy
The company will use the personal information you provide us with for making all travel arrangements. As such, we will have to pass it on to our suppliers and carriers so that we enable operations of the services which you have requested. However, we will endeavor to protect your information, and use it for official purposes only for which it is extremely necessary.
I have taken ample time to read the Booking Terms and Conditions. I have fully understood all the clauses and I provide my complete consent to all of them.





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